Zero toleranceYes, KNTXT Turbo Club maintains a zero tolerance policy on drugs. It is forbidden to use or possess any drugs at the event. When the organization spots or confirms any infringements, the offender can be handed over to the police. It is also forbidden to trade drugs at KNTXT Turbo Club. When the delinquent is being caught he/she will be transferred over to the police. Before entering the event you will be able to deposit drugs in the designated drugs barrels without being charged with any consequences.
Am I allowed to bring medication to the event?The use of medication is allowed when the medication is based on medical grounds and the package is still sealed. In any case the user needs to have a signed statement by a doctor to show the organization. In addition to the written statement, identification with an ID or a passport is also required.
Can I bring lollipops and chewing gum to the event?Chewing gum isn’t allowed at our indoor events, because it damages the venue. Please, respect the venue where the event is held! If you want to bring something that provides a fresh breath, you may bring a sealed pack of breath mints to the event. Dextro is also allowed. You are not allowed to bring food & beverages to the events. Which means lollipops are not allowed either.
Which items aren’t allowed inside the event location?It is prohibited to enter the event area under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. When noticed you will be denied access without the right to a ticket refund. It is forbidden to enter the event area with the following products or materials: Soft drugs, hard drugs, food, (alcoholic) drinks, glassware, (plastic) bottles, cans, flags, sticks, umbrellas, walking sticks (except medical crutches and tools), pets, banners, objects with discriminating and/or provocative texts and/or expressions, battle-, cross-, fire-or shot weapons or other objects that could be used as a weapon, objects which may negatively affect the safety, health or well-being of the visitors, spray cans, atomizers, fireworks, torches, means of transport, professional video-, audio-, recording- and photo equipment (does not include digital compact cameras and mobile phones with camera function).
What happens if there is a change in the program?The program is subject to change. When specific acts are cancelled, there will be no refund of entrance fees or other costs. The organization will always attempt to find a replacement of the same quality level with a similar music style.
Is smoking allowed?It is prohibited to smoke or vape at indoor areas, but the venue has a designated smoking area where smoking is allowed.
Protect your earsKNTXT protects its visitors hearing. Sound levels are constantly monitored in accordance with the law. Protect your ears and bring your earplugs.
Lost and foundIf you lose or find something, you can go to the counter where the lockers are being sold. Everything will be collected there. After the event you can contact the organization on to check if we found your properties.
Can KNTXT be held liable for injury and other damages?Entering the event area is at your own risk. KNTXT and its employees cannot be held liable for any injury, material damage and immaterial damage of the visitors of the location/event.
What other house rules should I keep in mind?Directions and instructions of the (security) staff must be followed at all times. At the suspicion of a violation of the rules, the security staff has the right to body search. Refusing this search will lead to removal from the event. It is also not allowed to enter a toilet cabin with multiple persons. Urinating outside the designated facilities is prohibited. Offenders will be removed from the event area and handed over to the police.It is forbidden to climb stages, buildings, fences or other objects. It is also not allowed to take any objects/structures from the event area.
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